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Morning Coffee – Ep 10 – @Witty_Crypto

Lollapalooza, 90’s music, Eddie Vedder, Be an organ donor FFS!, Boomers, Mars, Valentines Day stories, Crypto Twitter Ayahuasca spiritual Quest, will I finish the Tile & I talk about the time I gave away Tamara’s dog. Guest: Shouts: Art & Music provided by […]

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Euclid & Oaks – Morning Coffee – Ep 9

I debut my song “8 Pound Weights” 8 Pound Weights In Reply to Mayo & Beef – Whack to Whack (@CryptoEuclid) Shouts Alotta Money Richard Heart Dum Alby WendyO Dr Doom Aziz 🌱Popepe 🌱 Charle Hoskinson Jesus Christ Jack Joe Rogan

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Euclid & Oaks – Morning Coffee – Ep 8

We talk the meaning of life & the universe, the purpose of man, AI, Easter Island, Tesseracts, ancient advanced societies, we watched a Rick & Morty clip, talked to Uncle PP the inventor of Pied Piper Coin and Brekkie von Bitcoin the amazing and talented creator of Blockchain and Morty. what an epic episode! Guests: […]

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What is Our Purpose?

The need to belong to a group or a clan drives people toward organized religion, in my opinion, and although this can be an effective means of survival, belonging to a group deprives one of ones self as we become absorbed into the collective our own identities become diluted into the soup of the ideology. […]

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What is Time?

If there is literally only this exact moment right now how does time exist? My fears and depressions live outside of the current moment and thrive in what you would probably call time. Is it possible that time was invented by man to keep us from being free and living in the moment? Its more […]

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Euclid & Oaks – Morning Coffee – Ep 7

We take a look at the masterpiece by @Krypticrooks & have a nice long talk about art and what its like to devote a year of your life to creating something beautiful. We were also joined by @FoolishDweller and discussed the CryptoTwitter Community and what its like to be a Shitposter. Tamara and showed a […]

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Euclid & Oaks – Morning Coffee – Ep 6

I talk about my sobriety from an alcohol and Kratom addiction and the possible benefits of Psilocybin, do some shout outs to our friends and supporters from Crypto Twitter. Song Well John by Flannel Fathers TY for becoming a Patreon supporter of the show! TY for the bad ass art! Art & Music […]

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Euclid & Oaks – Morning Coffee – Ep 5

The Professor inventor of the famous AI8Ball of CryptoTwitter joins us via live feed from the seed bank in Antarctica, we talk about getting back to nature, Trolls and how to be more balanced in our lives as well as the importance of being self sufficient. Guest: Inventor of: