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Charles Hoskinson – TBS2

We had a conversation with Charles Hoskinson on today’s show– Crashing the ETH Berlin Conference – putting yourself out there – ascending above your critics and trolls– Working together to create an equilibrium – Cardano 2 year Anniversary – The Rolling Stones & David Bowie – Find out what his dads best advice was – Recursive […]

That Bitcoin Show

That Bitcoin Show – TBS1

Our new show! – That Bitcoin Show Join @CryptoEuclid and @MysticalOaks for our normal funny antics, as we talk life, Bitcoin, check in with our fellow crypto friends, & talk to an expert or two. Episode 1: – Charles Hoskinson Home for Homeless Hawks – Get well soon Alotta Money – Bitcoin ATMS- The death […]

Live Show

Euclid & Oaks – Ep 22 – Futurist Recap

We reminisce about the amazing time we had in Toronto, The Decentralized Dance Party, the Run With Euclid, getting a flat with Gucci Gains, The Wendyo / Hxro / Fomohunt pre conference party, Tamara and I sadly announced the end of CTMZ, We announced our working with on the #RunWithEuclid events, we talked to […]

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Morning Coffee – Ep 21 – Noah Smith

Mr. Noah Smith stopped in to say hello on Morning Coffee, we talked about the Bitcoin bubble, politics, religion, the affects of social media on our society, lead and the fall of Rome, Shakespeare in the 1890s 😏, our friend JJ of Keyword: Crypto Podcast and 🐇 Guest:Noah Smith – Bloomberg Opinion columnist & Bitcoin […]

Event Run

Run With Euclid Toronto

Date:Tuesday Aug 13th Time:7PM EST Address to meet: Tim Hortons 1681 Lake Shore Blvd E, Toronto, ON M4L 3W6, Canada Join us for the run during the Futurist Conference RSVP on the BlockParty App FomoHunt Sponsored By:

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Morning Coffee – Ep 20 – Alex Adelman CEO of Lolli

Alex Adelman CEO of Lolli joined us today we talked about Lolli, Tamara and I did our review of the hit HBO show Chernobyl we listened to some Pink Floyd and Tamara called me a bish. Sign up for Lolli! Guest: CEO of