About Us

We are Euclid & Oaks a husband and wife team of cryptocurrency enthusiasts that travel the world talking to the crypto community IRL, follow our adventures on Twitter and on our Youtube channel.

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Our newest Podcast!
That Bitcoin Show

Guests include:
Charles Hoskinson (co founder of Ethereum & Founder of Cardano)

Our Morning Coffee Live Show:

Euclid & Oaks Morning Coffee is a fun and thought provoking live show that aims to make you laugh, think and have a good time. My wife MysticalOaks and I love the Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency community and this is our way to interact and engage with our friends. Our show is very much comedy driven, we go over events that have occurred in the Crypto Twitter community, show videos, have our friends pop in and say hello, tell stories and spread good vibes…. Oh and I rant quite a bit too. 😉

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