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What is Our Purpose?

The need to belong to a group or a clan drives people toward organized religion, in my opinion, and although this can be an effective means of survival, belonging to a group deprives one of ones self as we become absorbed into the collective our own identities become diluted into the soup of the ideology.

Why am I here? This question often leads people on the path of religious dogmas and superstitions and although there are wisdoms in some of theses teachings often the goal is to control the follower and guide them on a path preordained.

Depending on your ingrained belief systems you are either free to create your destiny or your destiny has been set for you by those that wish to live within your deepest thoughts.

Religious organizations have used a form of mind control in the form of taught fear based teachings in order to reign power over the mind body and soul since the beginning of mans quest to understand its purpose.

What is your purpose? Is it to serve a master or to serve yourself? Is it selfish to serve yourself ? Is it more cohesive to serve a whole? Do you need a religious dogma to serve that whole?


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