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What is Time?

If there is literally only this exact moment right now how does time exist? My fears and depressions live outside of the current moment and thrive in what you would probably call time. Is it possible that time was invented by man to keep us from being free and living in the moment?

Its more likely that time is a thing which exists and that we move through like a place marker, the problem is that we have such a hard time paying attention to the place we are currently in as opposed to dwelling in the past or fearing the future. Perhaps its mastery of living in the moment is what one would call true enlightenment because the longing for reaching a point in time or being unable to stop reliving a past event is what keeps us from being happy.

Is the goal in all this finding happiness or is that also a form of searching for something as opposed to accepting our current sate?

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  1. Sitting in the employee break room one day I noticed something weird about time. It can be moving at two speeds in the same exact room. One guy listening to music, conversating, having fun, staying occupied while time is moving so fast making it so there’s not enough time on break because he’s having fun. On the other side of the room you have a guy sitting at a table by himself bored, picking at his food, just wanting to clock back in but time is moving so slow. Two people in the same exact room can experience time but at different speeds? To me that proves the truth that time is nothing but a concept programmed into us and should determine how long we live a life but just used as a point of reference.

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